Climbing Haba Snow Mountain


Haba Snow mountain, with the peak 5396m, is the fourth highest mountain in Yunnan province, and the only snow mountain that is suitable to climb in Yunnan, with the altitude difference less than 1400m. Climbing can be done without much luggage within one day. But still you need to grasp some basic knowledge on climbing and rescuing, as there is no professional rescue team in Haba village.

The itinerary takes three days. The first day – arriving at Haba village. On the early morning of the second day, hike or ride a horse from Haba village (altitude 2600m) to the base camp (altitude 4100m) for 5 hours, and stay there (camping or the wooden house at the base camp – tel: 0887-8866599) for the night. You’d better take a sleeping bag for -20 degrees. At 3 a.m. the third day, you start the climb and it takes around 5 hours. You have to get back to the base camp before noon, and then back to Haba village. The tour guide’s fee for two days is RMB450, which includes the food and equipment carriage . The horse costs RMB200/day. Each tour guide is responsible for max 2 people’s safety.

You can contact the following guesthouses’ owners for more information.

Haba Jokul Mountain International Youth Hostel (Tel: 0887-8866596,

Haosi Guesthouse (Tel: 0887-8866519)

Haba Buluo Guesthouse (Tel:15887199947)