Dukezong Old Town

The Dukezong old town was built in Tang Dynasty. Dukezong means the city of moonlights. On the other side of Naizi River lies Niwangzong, which means the city of sunlights. Those two cities have become one of the evidences that Shangri-la is truly here.

There are two main squares in the old town: Moonlight (Yueguang) Square and Dance Square (Sifangjie in Chinese). On the west side of the Moonlight Square is the Turtle Hill park. On the top of the hill is a temple, the zenith of the old town. And you can’t miss the golden Prayer Wheel, which is said to be the biggest in the world. It takes more than 10 people to turn the wheel. Note that you need to turn it clockwise and odd-number times.

In the Dance Square, there will a local dance – Guozhuang Dance every day around 7 p.m. (as long as it’s not rainy and snowy) Apart from here, the dance also takes place in the Moonlight Square and Tancheng Square in the new town. If you don’t want to join them but enjoy watching the dance, welcome to Somewhere Else Café where you can enjoy a fantastic view over the Dance Square.