Napa Lake

Located 7km from the town, Napa Lake (Napa Hai in Chinese) has more water in rainy season (July, August). In winter, it will be a wet land and black-neck cranes will come here to spend the winter, together with wild ducks.

Close to the Napa Lake is Yila Grassland. You can enjoy horse-riding here. The price is a bit high – the shortest distance costs RMB180 per person.

Ticket: RMB60 (maybe you can skip it in winter)

How to get there: For energetic ones, you can cycle around Napa Lake (distance around 35km). You can also hire a driver and ask him to drive you around the lake. (around RMB100 a car)

Napa Lake Cycling Loop Path

The following picture is the terrain map of Napa Lake and some cycling statistics. These statistics are from one of our bosses Neil (Canadian). He is passionate about cycling and has been cycled often around Shangri-la. From the statistics, the total distance is 36.4km, starting from the old town, cycling around Napa Lake and back to town. The elevation is 666m. Time for Neil was 1 hour and 20 min, and he only rested for 6 min. For a casual cycling trip, it takes around 4 hours.

napalake loop